Hi, my name here is polychora, but my usual internet name is Liquid Ink. 23, They/them, bisexual. Minors, racists, terfs dni

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i liked this one gesture drawing so now im going into more detail with it

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More tender stuff with these two! I couldn't decide on a background so here's the two I liked

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team pic of my freerunner ocs 🏃‍♂️

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moon -

Drew Khiome from Welcome to Doomtlis on MSPFA as a ballerina :3

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fuck it king shit

another redraw of a 2015-2016 piece under the cut

i've come a long way!!! i forgot what i said in here on my last redraw piece!!!!!! but its been like 4evr and exactly one (1) day so

Hellooooo! I plan on working on this on Twitch tomorrow! I had been working on it today on stream, but I ran into a technical difficulty and postponed it to tomorrow!


i dyed my hair mahogany so i decided to make a new icon ^.^

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my gesture drawings became Spacey Girls

Some more old art! I apparently uploaded this to newgrounds but never here o:

Some Persephone fanart! I'll post the alt version with way more petals under the readmore <:

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tried making a sona and came up with this oc instead

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A Commission of Diya by Moon!

@moon drew Diya for me <3

Moon also has a Ko-Fi

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camilla for @sidh for artfight!

had some trouble with the pose in the beginning, but i hope you like it .w.

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slowly figuring out csp lol


Been working with anime based themes lately

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This is a birthday gift for Min Min!

I hope you enjoy it! PLEASE DON’T STEAL.

Reblogs are welcomed and loved~!

just a gal!

Was bored so I spent 2 hours doodling Nereza in some couture.

My only regret is I picked one with sequins on it and I physically do not know how those work, so there was an attempt. Still like it tho

Will I ever actually completely render this? Ehhh, the sequins make me say no

Dress(?) under the read more

From Elie Saab's Spring 2019 collection

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grand princess rong meiyu

i hated drawing the little detailings sfjkhfjksh

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I wanted to color some skin? just for fun

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sidh -

Artfight revenge of Aruyu, who belongs to artist Zylphide

another gemsona for that gemsona event being hosted on tumblr. this one's Mermaid Kyanite who technically should have a star on her because she's a Crystal Gem but oh well.

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teamea -


Commission I did for @waywardallagan over on twitter