Hi, my name here is polychora, but my usual internet name is Liquid Ink. 23, They/them, bisexual. Minors, racists, terfs dni

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I conduct fear like electricity
A man-made monstrosity

Killer - The Hoosiers

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Iri always makes me happy ;-; I love him

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

redbubble | carrd

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Huevember Day 5: Ft. Blake

Obligatory 💪

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Ember in a suit weeee

Skintober 22 - Demacia Vice

Day 22 - (Didn't have much time on this one, unfortunately) ...THAT'S A LOT OF PINK!

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TWO more pcs for our upcoming game (evil cat face) (neither of them are mine)

I'm really happy with the workflow I've come up with. it feels like I'm getting great results without making it like, a whole Thing, you know

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2021 January 04: DTIYS Challenge

For some months now, I've admired the art of aepoyi on Instagram (the original can be found here) and wanted to work on their 10k Draw This In Your Style Challenge. Thankfully, there was no time limit on it, so I could work on that now that I *finally* had time (and motivation).⁠

I was surprised at how challenging to work with such saturated colours as I tried to find a balance. It was certainly an adventure! I enjoyed the practice and can't wait to do another.⁠


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commission for Bunfilia!

my commissions are currently open, check out my info here!

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colored generic lineart bcs my head hurts </3

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Behold... Pupbee...

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*brings back the most reblogged art post on waterfall dot social

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it's fat fuck friday boys

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Sun bear
Helarctos malayanus

C Rushenb,CC 4.0

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rlly proud of how this turned out i had to post it here !!! cos instagram always kills the quality u__u

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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Redraw 1995 holiday barbie

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Someone asked me to draw Sten so here we are...

I also remembered to record my process so there's a timelapse video over here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwmy68TzAu8

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pog for a changeling character in an upcoming rime of the frost maiden campaign

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One of my early paintings I did. I really constrained myself on it and I'm so glad I'm more loose on painting now lol

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I can't stop drawing him

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Red panda
Ailurus fulgens

C Ajit Hota,CC 4.0